Frequently Asked Questions

Do you smell any fumes?

No, all the fumes are directed outside by the exhaust head. The combustion air is also drawn from outside via the exhaust head

What is the power consumption?

On startup approx 10 amps for 3 minutes, after the flame is established between 0.55 to 0.85 amps

How much fuel do they use?

Between 0.09 and 0.19l\h

How long does it take to boil a jug?

When the the cook top gets to maximum temperature it will boil 2.5L in 18 minutes, compared to the same amount using gas it will take 13 minutes, only 5 minutes difference

How long does it take to heat up?

Around 12 minutes to reach maximum temperature of 500 deg




























Can i install a water heater myself

If you are mechanically minded then the short answer is yes , the unit comes as a modular unit , it only needs to mounted using the 4 bolt holes on the unit itself , 1 hot water outlet and 1 cold water inlet , mount the on\off switch , vent the exhaust and combustion air inlet and connect the power to the unit and your done

Whats so good about the low flow shower heads

We spent a lot of time looking for low flow shower heads , with hot water systems the more flow you put through the systems the quicker the glycol in the buffer tank loses its heat , with normal shower heads @ 7.5 l\min you will lose water temperature very quickly , with our BRICOR 2.36l\min you will get a good shower flow with constant temperature with minimal water use , WIN WIN scenario

Are they easy to use?

Very easy to use – turn the power switch on, the furnace will startup. It takes 15 minutes to come up to temperature and it will then go into standby mode. When water flow is started the coolant will give up its heat and at around 70 degree c the furnace will start up automatically and reheat the coolant

Can I get a good shower from the unit?

With our low flow shower heads (2.5L\min) we can get a 15 minute constant flow shower at between 41-43 c depending on ambient water temperature

How long does it take to come up to temperature?

Usually around 15 minutes to bring the glycol up to 80 degrees C

What happens if my heater fails while we are travelling

There are 2 options (1) Return the heater to us for repairs , using a YELLOW prepaid 5KG Australia post bag it will get back to us in 2-3 days we will repair it and send it back to you ASAP (2) If you are mechanically handy or have some around how is , then by carrying basic repair parts , burner cartridge, glow plug, filter and gaskets you can normally fix it yourself , if you require technical help then we are only a phone call away

How reliable are the BELIEF heaters

We have been selling BELIEF heaters since MAY 2014 , up to DECEMBER 2015 we have sold over 1500 of these heaters with less than 1% of genuine warranty claims , all warranty claims are actioned on the day of return to us and in most case are despatched back to the customer within 2 days

What other brands of heaters do you sell

Our most popular brand of air heater is the BELIEF we also stock EBERSPACHER and SNUGGER

Do you install heaters and how much does it cost

Yes we do lots of installs in caravans, motorhomes ,camper trailers , horse floats , onsite cabins etc , the standard install for a caravan using our EASYFIT TANKS is $650 , this is subject to inspection before we finalise any quotes , installs can normally be done in a day

What comes in the 2KW kit?

We have our basic heater kits plus optional upgrades. Please see this page for more information.

What vents are available?

We have our directional vents, closable vents, eyeball vents, flat vents and standard non-directional vents.

What is the difference between temperature control and heat output control?

Temperature control is one red and one green light on the control switch, using this option the heater will cycle on and off drawing 12.5 amps on start up and then going to approximately 2.5 amps on run. When using heat output control (two green lights on the control switch) the heater does not cycle on and off but will remain on its run amperage between 1.5 and 2.5 amps making a considerable saving on battery power.

What is the difference between the two mounting plates?

The heavy duty plate offers more protection for the base of the heater, installation is a lot easier and it also protects the flooring of the vehicle  from the ingress of water and dust.

Do you need to clean the heater?

No, normal usage of heaters is around 500 hours. Replacement parts after that time are usually the glow plug, filter and burner cartridge.

What does the Combustion silencer and exhaust muffler do?

It will reduce the external noise of your diesel heater without both of these the operational noise of the heater may be a nuisance to other people camped near you .

What is the maximum length of ducting I can use?

There is no restriction on the length; however the more bends in the system, the less heat and air flow at the outlets. A larger heater should be selected if the duct length is too excessive.

Can an outlet be installed in the bathroom?

Yes, a y junction and closable vent can be installed if you have direct access to the bathroom / ensuite area

What are the quick connect fuel couplings used for?

These are used so that the fuel container can be filled externally preventing spillage of fuel in the storage area, they are also self-sealing preventing air leakage into the fuel line and subsequent re bleeding the heater system.

How much fuel does it use?

0.12~0.24L\h for 2KW and 0.19~0.66  l\h for 5KW

Are the heaters covered by Warranty?

Yes, they are covered for faulty parts and manufacturing faults only for a period of 24 months. Incorrect installation damage is not covered. Warranty is return to base.













How do the cabin heaters work

All WALLAS heaters use the same burner principle it is called LAMINER burn , simply fuel drips onto a evaporator plate is ignited by a glow plug , the flame heats a heat exchanger and air is blown over the heat exchanger to produce hot air

What type of cabin heaters do you have

We stock both the WALLAS 26CC 2.6kw and the WALLAS 40CC 4KW

What kind of heater can you use in a tent

There are 2 basic types of heaters you can use in a tent , the PIONEER TREKKER is a non powered gravity fed natural draft heater and requires a flue , the other type is our PORTABLE BELIEF 2KW air heater

What type of heaters do you have for a workshop

In our WALLAS range we have 2 heaters 26CC and 40CC cabin heaters and in our PIONEER range the EXPEDITION and the PROSPECTOR the 2 PIONEER heaters are natural draft gravity fed , non powered and need flues , the 2 WALLAS heaters are 12 volt cabin heaters

Is it hard to service your BELIEF heaters and what parts would i need

The main service parts for our BELIEF heaters are burner cartridge , glow plug and 2 gaskets , to replace these items should take the novice person around 1.5 hours , disassembly of the heater is not difficult for the mechanically minded person , the parts cost is approximately $130 and the normal service interval is around 500 hours, some people carry the above spare parts with them when travelling

Are the WALLAS heaters hard to service and what parts are normally needed

All our WALLAS heaters use the same burner principle , so the air heaters 22DT 30DT and 40DT plus cabin heaters 26CC and 40CC plus the cooktops and ovens all have the same maintenance procedure , see the video on 22DT 30DT 40DT  heater and Cabin heater 26CC and 40CC it outlines the procedures , the main service parts for all WALLAS products are , glow plug , T4 thermocouple , bottom mat and filter

How do i get my heater serviced and how long does it take

For the common heater brands we carry service parts in stock , if we have parts in stock the service turnaround time is 2 days, we require heater unit, fuel pump and control switch when servicing is required

What are the most common service parts for air heaters

Burner cartridges glow plugs and gaskets , these parts  we carry in stock for the most common brands of heaters

Do you repair and service different brands of heaters

Yes we do,  as long as parts are available for them
(1) We service what we sell

(2) We talk with you to make sure you get what you need

(3) We can custom design your application

(4) We offer free advice to make sure you are happy with your purchase

(5) We can install and service your kit

(6) We offer phone support if you run into problems when you are doing your install

(7) Committed to customer service

(8) Years of experience learned from installs and custom designing

(9) Nice people to deal with , we answer our phones and return messages

We are committed to make sure that you get everything you need, there is nothing worse than going to do your install and find you are missing bits , with that in mind we will talk with to make sure you have everything you need , we will then prepare a quotation for you , when you are happy with the quotation we will convert this to an invoice , payment terms are by EFT with details on the invoice or via credit card over the phone , please note a credit card surcharge of 1.5% applies for this type of transaction normally around $20