What spare parts might fit my cheap Ebay diesel air heater?

As discussed on our servicing information page, we don’t service cheap Ebay diesel air heaters because we can’t guarantee success. There is extreme variability in cheap Ebay heater and component quality, but most often the old adage, “You get what you pay for” applies.

However, if you already have one of these heaters and need to service it, we do sell some spare parts that may fit your heater. Again, we cannot guarantee fit and function due to variability, so please do a bit of research. Of course, if the underlying issue is the heater itself we would recommend purchasing a proper quality diesel heater.

That said, in our research we’ve found that the majority of diesel air heater sales on Ebay are for a listed 5KW model. We’ve seen these listed as up to 8KW models, but in actuality all that we’ve seen are modeled after the Eberspacher D4, a 4KW rated system (see John McK’s 8KW benchtest video). Any spare part listed as Eberspacher D4 compatible should work with these heaters. The second most common listed heater listed on Ebay is for a 2KW system. These are generally modeled off the Webasto 2000ST 2KW system and we carry spare parts for these as well.

The most commonly replaced parts are the glow pin, burner assembly and possibly the motor. At this time we don’t sell controllers separately because we’ve found that the attachment pin doesn’t always fit. If you need any other part or upgrade component we don’t have listed, please contact us.

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