Going All Diesel

Going for a complete diesel system has huge advantages over LPG. It may not be for everyone. However, saying goodbye to those pesky, heavy and potentially dangerous gas cylinders does have its attractions.

Diesel is a drier heat. Unlike gas, it has all exhaust gasses going outside. This means you will avoid the condensation that occurs with gas cooking. Diesel is also available at any petrol station or marina, while gas can be hit and miss in regional areas. Installation of diesel appliances is also much cheaper as a licensed technician and ongoing certification is not required.

For boat owners, gas has the added dangers of being heavier than air so is a potential explosion risk. Gas bottles are also cumbersome to handle in a boat, tend to rust and are great at chipping fibreglass.

If you are building an expedition vehicle, motorhome or off road van and will be in more remote areas for extended periods, or if you are a boat owner looking to move to one safe fuel source, all diesel may be for you.

We have quite a few options for air heating, cooking and water heating. How they are combined depends on what you are fitting out and personal preferences. For example, you may decide to cook and heat with a Wallas combined cooker/air heater, or split this function and have a dedicated cooker and separate air heater.

For inspiration, check out the following combinations of products which can allow you to dump the gas and go all diesel. We are happy to provide advice and explain these options in detail via the phone or our contact us page.

Planning on induction cooking? Dieselheat can work with your induction supplier to spec up options for ovens, air heaters and hot water to complement your induction cooktop

CookingHeatingHot Water
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Large Camper87D text genesis text

Small Camper

Option 1

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Small Camper

Option 2

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