Our heater kits are designed to include everything you need for a complete install. Most of our customers have a complete kit delivered and they install it themselves according to our detailed instructions. If crawling under your van for a day isn’t your cup of tea, we do installations in Cygnet, Tassie and we have a group of great installers scattered around the country who can help you out.


If you do want to do the installation yourself, you will need the following tools:

  • cordless drill and various drill bits
  • cordless angle grinder with a 1mm cutting disk
  • safety goggles and ear protection
  • screwdrivers and a small socket set
  • electrical pliers, wiring crimps, crimping tool and ideally a soldering iron
  • 17mm and 60mm hole saws
  • 146mm hole saw: optional

What else do you need?

Aside from the install kit, the only other things that aren’t included are:

  • a few extra cable ties
  • corrugated split conduit for underfloor fuel lines and wiring
  • P clips and short screws to secure the cabling

That’s it. Everything else comes in our complete kit, including detailed instructions.