International Thermal Research Pioneer™

International Thermal Research has a proven history of performance:

  • ITR has been a supplier of vapourising burner space heaters to the United States and Canadian military either directly or indirectly for over 12 years.
  • ITR has designed a powered kitchen burner unit for use by the United States Army.  Approximately 50,000 are in use.
  • ITR has been designing and manufacturing diesel powered heaters in Canada for over 30 yrs for the military and the mining, recreational vehicle and marine industries.

S-Tube burner safety and performance

The Pioneer line of space heaters uses a unique, patented vapourising S-tube burner. The S-tube design produces fuel vapour for burning in the burner chamber (as opposed to liquid fuel). The only time raw liquid diesel is present and being burned is during the initial lighting of the heater. This short lighting period initiates the S-tube vapourising action.

Conventional drip burners normally operate by requiring the supply fuel to feed a pool of burning liquid fuel located in an open pan in the burner chamber. As the heater output is raised, the size and level of the pool of fuel increases. Consequently, drip burners will contain a significant amount of unburned fuel in the burner pan. If the heater is accidentally tipped over, a hazardous condition due to the spilt fuel from the pan could result.

With the vapourising burner, there is little chance that the burner will create a hazardous condition under the same tipping conditions. The S-tube burner never has more than a few milliliters of liquid fuel in the burner vapourising tube at any time and does not have a pool of fuel in the burner pan. Even if the heater is accidentally knocked over, the only fuel dispersed is the very small amount in the vapourising S-tube.

Clean burning on multiple fuels

The vapourising burner design ensures clean combustion. As a result the Pioneer heaters will burn virtually smoke and odour free when the heater is operating under normal conditions.

The heaters can burn kerosene, diesel Arctic, #1, #2, JP-8, jet-A and commercial grades of biodiesel.

Multiple safety features

The S-tube vapourising design minimises spilled fuel under a tipped heater situation, and reduces the likelihood of the flame being extinguished accidentally.

The fuel control valve incorporates overheat and angle shutoff protection.

An incorporated heat shield protects the user from incidental contact.

In addition to the Pioneer™ family of space heaters, International Thermal Research also produces heating products for marine applications and RV applications – please call us for more information on these products.

Pioneer™ accessories

We've got accessories for your trusty Pioneer kit! The accessory information below is also available below in a downloadable pamphlet (in PDF format). Portable exhaust kits Part No. 5317 - for Trekker (3") Includes eight 18" stacks, rotational 6" rain cap with spun...

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