Marine cooking

Cuisine is a large part of the experience of being on the water for many people. We’ve got the gear to ensure you can enjoy your catch as fresh as possible.

Wallas 85 DT Ceramic Cook top flush mount

Specifications Fuel: Diesel Power : 900-1900W 3000-6000BTU Operating voltage : 12V Fuel Consumption : 0.09l/h 3-6.4oz/hr Electricity consumption 0.2-0.35A Warranty extension $1980 (inc GST) Plus freight   Click Here  85DT Manual This flat-design stove has been...

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Wallas 87 D Ceramic cook top and Oven

Specifications Fuel : Diesel Power : stove 900-1900 W 3000-6500 BTU oven 1000-2500 W 3400-8500 BTU Operating voltage 12V Fuel consumption : 0.09-0.44l/h 3-15oz/h Electricity consumption : 1.06-2.66A       Warranty extension $5600 (inc GST) Plus freight...

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