Off Grid Cabins and Tiny Homes

Living off grid in a tiny house or cabin is a dream being realised by thousands of people in Australia. Having a small footprint and simple life in a beautiful tiny home can bring huge rewards. When thinking of off grid living, heating, cooking, lighting and hot water are important considerations as they all consume energy and need fuel. The best source of energy is the sun, and running your lights, small electrical appliances and possibly an induction cooker off a solar battery system makes sense.

It is when you are considering the more energy hungry appliances that can’t run off solar that diesel really works. We have listed some ideas and options for heating, cooking and hot water in your tiny home. 

When compared to gas, diesel is lighter, easier to carry, safer, cheaper and more readily available. Installing diesel appliances does not require a license, so you can easily DIY. Having just one fuel (aside from the sun) with one fuel tank saves space, and diesel is much easier to top up when half empty than a gas bottle.

 no gas wallas

All diesel appliances have externally vented exhausts so do not bring any smoke, smell or moisture into your tiny house or cabin, helping to keep them dry, fresh and mould free.


Diesel is ideal for heating tiny homes. With over 40 hours run time for a 2kW heater from a 10L fuel tank, it is cost effective to operate, has a fast heat up time and can operate overnight safely. Even if you have a wood fire, a diesel heater can still be handy for quickly heating up your home when you arrive late at night and don’t want to start a fire, or can be left on a low setting to keep things warm overnight. Because you can set the temperature, the heater won’t turn on until your fire is out and the temperature drops.

Dieselheat has a number of options to heat your tiny home. Firstly we can provide a modified RV/Caravan heater kit like the Belief 2.2kW diesel air heater. This can be hidden in a cupboard or installed in our custom made wooden box which allows them to be wall mounted.

Wooden box diesel heater cover

The advantages of these heaters include very compact size, they are relatively inexpensive, they start up quickly and pump out a lot of heat in a short time.

An alternative option is the Wallas range of cabin heaters which are a convection based diesel air heater. These heaters are super quiet, consume almost no electricity, are easy to install and are made to the highest possible standards in Finland. Designed to heat Finnish winter cabins in temperatures down to minus 30, they are happy to operate continuously for months at a time.

wallas diesel air heater

Hydronic Heating

As an alternative to direct diesel air heaters, Dieselheat also has a range of fan heating heads to link up to our Genesis hot water system. These fan heating heads use glycol from the hot water system to heat the air in your cabin. Advantages of this kind of heating system include huge space savings, low cost as one device serves two purposes.

genesis hot water fan head schematic


If you are creative you can also use one of these systems for underfloor hydronic, heated towel rails or any other clever things you can create that can be heated with a flow of hot glycol.


For really compact  cabins dieselheat has a range of diesel stoves which double as air heaters. The 800D cooktop fitted with a 220D blower lid and the 85 Nordic DT cooktop/blower lid combo double as an air heater when the lid is closed. These cookers have thermostats to regulate the temperature when heating. This ability to perform 2 functions is especially useful in very small cabins where space is at a premium.

wallas nordic dt diesel cooktop

No Electrical Power Heaters

Our range of 3 ITR Pioneer heaters are especially useful when there is no electrical power at all available. Using a gravity feed system to deliver fuel and utilising a patented fuel inlet valve, these heaters are ideal when 12v is not available and a radiant/convection heater is needed. 

pioneer trekker diesel air heater


Off grid cooking can be a challenge, especially if you don’t want to use gas. Cooking using diesel has a number of benefits, including clean, dry, moisture free heat, flat glass tops that are easy to clean and the option of cooking and air heating in a single appliance. We also offer the Wallas 86D, the only non gas off grid diesel oven available on the market.

Wallas boat oven 86D

Diesel cookers have a slower initial response time than gas or induction. One option that works really well is to have a small bench top portable induction plate to use for quick kettle boils and small fast meals. 

These can be powered by a modest solar system. Match this with a diesel cooktop for longer, slower cooking like curries, roasts, stews, etc. When longer cooking times would place a strain on solar batteries, the more consistent heat of diesel really works well.

Hot Water

The Dieselheat Genesis hot water system (which can also double  as a hydronic air heating system) is very compact, has a fast heat up time (less than 15min) and effectively works as an instant hot water system once pre-heated. The insulated tank on the Genesis stays hot for quite a while. Generally you just turn it on when you need hot water so it is not using diesel when not needed.

We also sell a Bricor low flow shower head which is perfectly matched to the Genesis system. The very low flow rate (2L/min) is great to conserve water whilst still giving you the feeling of having a good shower. 

bricor ultra max shower head

We hope these ideas are helpful. Feel free to call us or contact us via this website to discuss your specific requirements.