Eberspacher diesel air heater D2 base kit


The Eberspacher D2 Airtronic diesel fuelled heater offers optimised fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards.

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This is a genuine Eberspacher UK Warranted heater with 801 digital controller. The D2 Airtronic has 4 modulated heat output stages dependent upon difference between measured ambient temperature and required set temperature.

Maximum = 2.2kw
High = 1.8kw
Medium = 1.2kw
Low = 0.85kw

This is the base Eberspacher kit and does not have a mounting plate, exhaust muffler, air intake silencer, fuel pump silencer. If you require these accessories for this heater kit check our Eberspacher D2 full kit or order accessories individually.

Applications Include
  • Truck
  • Vans and Small buses
  • RV’s, Caravans and Mobile Homes
  • Mobile Workshops
  • Electric Vehicles
  • 4 x 4 Vehicles (rear heating)

If you require a motorhome kit, complete with exhaust silencer and mounting plate, please see our related products below.

All air heaters sold by Dieselheat carry 24 MONTHS warranty from date of purchase. Warranty is return to base which means you are responsible for returning any defective heaters to us for repair.

If you have an issue every attempt will be made to fix it via phone or email. Warranty is on heaters only and does not cover any issues caused by installations performed by the customer or other parties. If we can’t fix any issues with heater operation over the phone or email then the unit and possibly other parts as we suggest to you depending on the issue must be returned to us using an Australia Post air bag at your expense.

On arrival at our premises we will set the unit up on our test bench to ascertain what problem has occurred. Any defects or issues with the heater will be fixed free of charge and the unit will be shipped back to you at our expense. If the unit operates without any problems it will be deemed an installation problem and this is not covered by warranty. Any costs involved in returning the unit to the customer is at your expense.

Please note all diesel air heaters need to be run at a high power setting for around 15 min every 4 to 5 hours to prevent carbon build up. If this is not done and the heater fails due to carbon build up this is not covered by warranty and any repairs needed will be charged.

Please do not try to disassemble the heater yourself whilst it is still under warranty without consulting with Dieselheat.

  • Eberspacher Airtronic D2 diesel-fired self regulating air heater with electronic controls
  • Eberspacher heater 252069050000 type – the most desired version
  • 801 Modulator with temperature regulation with integrated diagnostics
  • All electrical harnesses and connections
  • 0.5 metre of stainless steel exhaust pipe (Additional lengths of 24mm Exhaust pipe available if required)
  • 0.5 metre of combustion Intake pipe
  • 6.0 metres fuel pipe (dosing pump to heater – 4mm OD x 1.25mm ID)
  • 1.0 metre fuel pipe (fuel source to dosing pump – 6mm OD x 2mm ID)
  • 60mm Air outlet (Additional air outlets are available if required)
  • Fuel system plastic, complete with fuel metering pump
  • 1 metre 60mm flexible ducting (Additional ducting required? Please look in our Ducting section)
  • Air entry grille
  • All necessary clips and screws for standard installation included
  • Comprehensive installation manual

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