Wallas 220D Heat Blower Lid


This compact blower lid is perfect for the budget minded boater who needs a simple solution to cooking and heating. The 220D blower lid fits well with the Wallas 800D stove.

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How does it work?
When you close the lid, the thermostat in the lid gets hot telling the blower to start. The blown air “cools” the cooker by transferring the heat into your cabin. Simply close the lid and enjoy the heat.

Lift the lid and have your bacon and eggs!
If you turn the unit from the heater mode to the cooking mode, the stove will be 100% ready for cooking, right away. Fast and convenient.

Enjoy the even heat in your cabin!
Set the desired temperature from the control panel and let the heater/cooker combination handle the rest. The heating is thermostat controlled.

Heating while driving
Forget misty windows while driving!

Power:650-1200 W   2200-4100 BTU
Operating voltage:12 V
Electricity consumption:0.4 A (+ stove 0.15 A)

Wallas 220D Installation Guide

All Wallas products sold by Dieselheat carry 24 MONTHS warranty from date of purchase. Warranty is return to base which means you are responsible for returning any defective products to us for repair.

If you have an issue every attempt will be made to fix it via phone or email. Warranty is on the appliance and does not cover any issues caused by installations performed by the customer or other parties. If we can’t fix any issues with heater operation over the phone or email then the unit and possibly other parts as we suggest to you depending on the issue must be returned to us using at your expense.

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