Kalori Silencio FA Fan Head Heater – 1.7kW


The Kalori 1.7Kkw Silencio FA fan head is often sold in conjunction with our Genesis II diesel hot water system to provide air heat and circulation while taking a shower or utilising the hot water heater. It uses less electricity than the Silencio 2, but has a lower fan speed.

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Water heat-exchanger for caravan, motorhome or boat. It is installed in a bulkhead or wall, and can be connected to a diesel heater. It will run with a Belief or Eberspacher powered Genesis II diesel hot water system. The Kalori Silencio FA fan head includes a noiseless blower with low power consumption.

Calorific Power1500 Kcal/h
Heating Power1,7 kW
Airflow110 m³/h
Electrical consumption7 W
Noise level48 dB
Weight1 kg
Water Fitting16 mm
Ventilation speed2
Calorific Power1500 Kcal/h
Heating Power1.7 kW
Airflow110 m³/h
Electrical consumption7 W
Noise level48 dB
Weight1 kg
Water Fitting16 mm
Ventilation speed2

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