Kalori 1.7KW Silencio FA Fan Head


The Kalori 1.7Kkw Silencio FA fan head is often sold in conjunction with our Genesis II diesel hot water system to provide air heat and circulation while taking a shower or utilising the hot water heater. It uses less electricity than the Silencio 2, but has a lower fan speed.

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Water heat-exchanger for caravan, motorhome or boat. It is installed in a bulkhead or wall, and can be connected to a diesel heater. It will run with a Belief or Eberspacher powered Genesis II diesel hot water system. The Kalori Silencio FA fan head includes a noiseless blower with low power consumption.

Calorific Power1500 Kcal/h
Heating Power1.7 kW
Airflow110 m³/h
Electrical consumption7 W
Noise level48 dB
Weight1 kg
Water Fitting16 mm
Ventilation speed2