Quick B3 40L Nautic Boiler Water Heater


The Quick B3 Nautic Boiler marine hot water heater uses both an electric immersion heating element, useful for when your boat is docked and connected to power, and an internal heat exchange that uses hot water from the engine, useful for when you are underway. The included mounting brackets let you mount the water tank to the deck or bulkhead, and the units can be installed at any angle. Dieselheat offers the Quick B3 Nautics in storage sizes of 15L to 40L.

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The Quick B3 Nautic Boilers have a composite casing around a stainless steel interior, welded with Argon shielding gas, and is highly resistant to corrosive elements. The heat exchanger is also made of stainless steel and has a wide surface for quick, steady heating. Thermal insulation is of thick polyurethane foam between the cover and tank for excellent heat retention. Includes an adjustable safety thermostat and mounting brackets.

This water heater is 40L, with tank dimensions of 360mm diameter x 620mm length, plus allow 100mm extra length at the front for the thermostatic mixing valve and Australia approved pressure valve. It weighs 11.7 kg. The heating is provided by an electric 1200w Incoloy element.