Belief 2.2kW diesel air heater full installation kit (24V)


Belief 2.2kW diesel air heater full installation kit includes all components for a quiet, quality installation. Backed by 2 year warranty, spares and service of a real company at a price hundreds of dollars below the European alternatives, it is great value for money.

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The full diesel air heater installation kit contains everything you need to undertake a complete professional installation to the same standard as the European diesel air heater kits for approximately $500 to $600 less.
Key features include:
  • high quality Belief diesel air heater
  • custom heavy duty stainless steel mounting plate (made by us)
  • high quality stainless exhaust system with muffler and 2 lengths of exhaust
  • combustion air inlet and fuel pump silencers
  • duct and vents
  • simple to use rotary controller with instructions
  • wiring loom, nuts screws, fuel line etc.
  • choice of quality fuel tank to suit all applications (sold separately)
  • installation instructions written by us based on our experience doing installs
  • 2 year warranty
  • full phone backup and support, spares and service
We are an Australian based business and manufacture, pack, and modify our heater kits to suit Australian conditions.  We will also make up a specific heater kit to suit your boat/van/greenhouse/tiny house/special application Рcall us to discuss.
We have been importing and selling  heaters for over 5 years from the same manufacturer and have sold thousands with no major reliability issues. Heaters we sold over 5 years ago are still out there performing well.
Fuel tanks are sold separately. We have a range of suitable fuel tanks available, including a DIY fuel tank kit to modify an existing fuel tank.
If your fuel tank will often be outside, upgrade to metal quick disconnect fittings as the plastic fittings are not UV stable.
For marine installations check out our marine exhaust kits and talk to us about kitting up a heater specifically for a marine installation.
The 2.2kW Belief diesel air heater is our recommended heater for most tiny home installations as this power level is normally adequate for a tiny home space. We also sell a locally handmade wooden box cover for the 2.2kW, particularly for tiny home applications.
  • diesel air heater
  • 2 x exhaust pipe and exhaust muffler
  • inlet air silencer
  • fuel pump silent mounting kit
  • duct and 2 vent kit
  • heavy duty stainless steel mounting plate
  • wiring loom
  • inlet air pipe
  • fuel pump and mount
  • fuel hose and connectors
  • standard mounting plate
  • user manual
  • installation instructions
  • rotary controller
  • various nuts
  • screws etc.

Belief 2.2kW Heater Owner’s Manual

Diesel Heater Fitting Instructions

Manual Controller Instructions

Belief 2.2kW Dimensions

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