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“Roughing it” while camping can be fun, but so can enjoying a top class meal. If a can of baked beans over a fire doesn’t appeal, check out our range of cooking units and get inspired.

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Wallas XC Duo RV ceramic cook top with HEATER lid

This is how it works How to install XC DUO Warranty extension XC Duo Specifications Fuel: Diesel Power: 0.9 – 1.9 kW Operating voltage: 12 V Fuel consumption: 0.09 – 0.19 l/h Electricity consumption: 0.55 – 0.85 A Dimensions: 456 x 343 x 208 mm Weight: 12...

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Wallas 85 DT Ceramic Cook top flush mount

Specifications Fuel: Diesel Power : 900-1900W 3000-6000BTU Operating voltage : 12V Fuel Consumption : 0.09l/h 3-6.4oz/hr Electricity consumption 0.2-0.35A Warranty extension $1980 (inc GST) Plus freight   Click Here  85DT Manual This flat-design stove has been...

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Wallas 87 D Ceramic cook top and Oven

Specifications Fuel : Diesel Power : stove 900-1900 W 3000-6500 BTU oven 1000-2500 W 3400-8500 BTU Operating voltage 12V Fuel consumption : 0.09-0.44l/h 3-15oz/h Electricity consumption : 1.06-2.66A       Warranty extension $5600 (inc GST) Plus freight...

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