Do you need to clean diesel air heaters? How long do they last?

Not really. Normal usage of heaters is around 500 hours. Replacement parts after that time are usually the glow plug, filter and burner cartridge. We sell repair kits for our heaters, which includes all of the necessary components that should be replaced. The useable life of your heater might be extended if you burn your heater on high after use. This will clear the unit of residual soot.

A common misconception about diesel air heaters is that it’s better to get a larger sized heater and burn it on low. This, however, will create more soot and your heater won’t last as long. With these heaters it’s better to get the right size heater and burn it hot, limited the soot buildup and extending the life of your heater. Please see our information page on servicing your heater for more details.