What options are available for homes and workshops?

We have three standard diesel air heater options for home or workshop installations. These are listed under the category Tiny House, but will work in cottages, granny flats, workshops or shipping containers under 90m2. You will need intake and exhaust vents to the outside via a wall or chimney and a space to keep the fuel tank. Additionally, your heater will need to access a 12v battery, which can be hooked up to an existing solar power setup if available.

The top of the line space heater is the Wallas 40CC. It can heat larger areas of around 60-90m2. For more information, please visit the Wallas website directly. Offering the same features, but designed for areas of 40-60m2, we offer the Wallas 26CC.

For areas less than 60m2 we offer a Belief 2.2KW diesel air heater. When combined with our locally handmade wooden heater cover, it takes up minimal space and looks good anywhere.

We also offer a portable diesel air heater if the setup is not permanent or if the heater needs to be used in a couple of different locations. You would still need access to the outside and a 12v car battery or similar.