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In addition to our product listing below, Wallas provide a step-by-step ‘helpers’ to guide you through the process of choosing the right unit, and accessories for your unit.




Why buy Wallas?

Fair enough question. We promote Wallas as a premium product because we genuinely believe it is. As an example, consider the following comparison of a Wallas marine heater to another big name heater on the market.

Attribute wallas logo Competitor2KW BELIEF Comments
Burn process Laminar Air-forced turblence Laminar burn is quieter
Inlet/outlet size 2 x 75mm 1 x 60mm or 1 x 90mm Combined 150mm size of Wallas makes it quieter
Fuel pump Integrated External Integrated pump has no “ticking” noise
Air silencers Optional Not available
Current draw 0.9 A when running 22/30DT 2.0 A when running
Warranty 3 years, and tested 2 years
Controls Extensive control panel as standard Basic rheostat switch as standard
Remote Smartphone app allows remote control Not available
Heat control Wallas PI thermal control Basic thermostat Wallas’ advanced thermal control delivers a more constant heat and less wear and tear through start/stop cycles.
Service Local committed and trained repair agent Agents interstate, little training


 The burning process in Wallas products is based on laminar combustion. Unlike turbine heaters that emit a very loud roaring or “jet engine” sound, our laminar combustion process is virtually silent, requiring no exhaust sound attenuation.

In addition to silent operation, our combustion process is also very clean. By maintaining perfect burner balance, meaning that the mix of oxygen, fuel, and temperature is correct, the process is very clean. A Wallas product will burn clean at all power settings, not requiring high power run periods to clean itself.


Smooth and silent laminar flame
Wallas diesel burner

The 3 essential elements of a laminar flame

  1. The first required element is fuel. Fuel is pumped with a special solenoid valve pump. The pump is highly tolerant of voltage and current fluctuations, is very quiet and integrated into each Wallas product. A metered amount of fuel is pumped into the bottom of the burner (see No 1 in the picture).
  2. The second element is temperature. In the start phase, ignition temperature will be generated by a glow plug. When the flame ignites, it starts to heat up the radiator (see No 2 in the picture), and a short time later the glow plug turns off. The radiator reflects the heat to the bottom of the burner, and the resulting heat evaporates the liquid fuel into fuel vapor.
  3. The third element is retardation. There is a retardation zone in the burner, marked with a blue arrow. Retardation is needed to split the coal hydrogen chains. Diesel has more long aromatic chains than paraffin oil (kerosene) and thus needs longer retardation and higher temperature for breaking the chains entirely to achieve clean combustion.

Wallas 26CC Cabin Heater 2.6kw

Warranty extension Specifications Fuel: Light heating oil, diesel, paraffin Power: 900-2600 W Operating voltage: Voltage 12V (battery) or 230V (mains adaptor) Fuel consumption: 0.09-0.26l/h 2.2-6.2l/24h Electricity consumption: 0.2-0.4A = 4.8-9.6A h/24h Temperature...

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Wallas 40CC Cabin Heater 4.0kw

Warranty extension Specifications Fuel:      Light heating oil, diesel, paraffin Power: 1600-4000W Operating voltage:          Voltage 12 V (battery) or 230V (mains adaptor) Fuel consumption:          0.16-0.4l/h 3.9-9.6l/24h Electricity consumption:               ...

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Wallas XC Duo RV ceramic cook top with HEATER lid

This is how it works How to install XC DUO Warranty extension XC Duo Specifications Fuel: Diesel Power: 0.9 – 1.9 kW Operating voltage: 12 V Fuel consumption: 0.09 – 0.19 l/h Electricity consumption: 0.55 – 0.85 A Dimensions: 456 x 343 x 208 mm Weight: 12...

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Wallas 85 DT Ceramic Cook top flush mount

Specifications Fuel: Diesel Power : 900-1900W 3000-6000BTU Operating voltage : 12V Fuel Consumption : 0.09l/h 3-6.4oz/hr Electricity consumption 0.2-0.35A Warranty extension $1980 (inc GST) Plus freight   Click Here  85DT Manual This flat-design stove has been...

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Wallas 87 D Ceramic cook top and Oven

Specifications Fuel : Diesel Power : stove 900-1900 W 3000-6500 BTU oven 1000-2500 W 3400-8500 BTU Operating voltage 12V Fuel consumption : 0.09-0.44l/h 3-15oz/h Electricity consumption : 1.06-2.66A       Warranty extension $5600 (inc GST) Plus freight...

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