Bricor UltraMax Low Flow 2.36L/min Shower Head


Any RV user knows that water is the most important item when travelling  – carry too much you carry extra weight, don’t carry enough and showers and washing up become a thing of the past! The Bricor UltraMax shower head, which is matched to our Genesis hot water system will save you water without compromising on having a decent feeling shower.

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This ultra low flow shower head is perfect for RVs, campers, cabins, boats and other situations where water conservation and ultra low flow is a must. The ultra low flow shower heads are specifically matched to our Genesis diesel hot water system ensuring that your shower flow rate will not exceed the capacity of the Genesis.

The UltraMax is performance tested and is one of the lowest flow rates of any shower head in the industry, whilst still providing the feeling of a decent shower. The shower head achieves this by ingesting air, with the aerated water creating an illusion that there is a greater flow than there really is. This is ultra low flow shower head is technology at its best.

Bricor’s shower heads not only save money on water consumption, but also help resolves lower water pressure found in boats, caravans and RVs. The powerful release from the vacuum chamber creates a pressure boosting effect that counters the weak flow stream that accompanies low water pressure.

By reducing the consumption of hot water, Bricor’s patented aeration technology significantly lowers heating fuel costs. Choosing our 2.36L\min shower head saves water, energy and money.