Tiny House and Off Grid Stoves and Ovens

Advantages of Diesel Cooking

  • No need for gas or gas compliance certification
  • Diesel has no naked flame and does not add moisture to the inside of the house
  • Reduces the load on battery and solar systems
  • Easy management of one fuel for cooking, heating and hot water
  • Very low fuel consumption under 200mL per hour
  • Easy to clean glass tops look awesome
  • Optional integrated air heating (with cookers) saves space
  • 3 year warranties on all diesel cookers

Choosing a Cooker

  • For the cleanest smartest looking cooker check out the 88DU.
  • If you want integrated air heating see the 85nDT
  • IF you want an oven check out the 78D

See the range of off grid cookers below, read more or contact us if you want specific expert advice.


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