Diesel Heater Underfloor External Mounting Box


The underfloor external diesel air heater mounting box is designed for camper trailers or motorhomes where space does not allow for a traditional internal install. Fitted out with inlet and outlet duct connectors, inlet, fuel pump and exhaust mounts, this is the most comprehensive under floor mounting box on the market.

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The underfloor external mounting box is a fully-enclosed box that fits both the Belief 2.2kW and the Eberspacher D2 diesel air heaters. The dimensions of the heater which will fit in this box area in the product images. The heater is mounted directly onto the inside of the box and is enclosed fully so dust and debris cannot get in. Optionally, the muffler, silencer and fuel pump can all be mounted on the box on supplied brackets, saving additional space.

Case dimensions: 160mm x 160mm x 355mm. Additional space will be needed for the muffler, silencer and fuel pump.

Please note: the actual heater and components must be purchased separately.

Kit contents:

  • Underfloor mounting box
  • Inlet and outlet duct connectors
  • 20mm length of 60mm ducting to connect the heater to the outlet vent
  • Muffler and inlet silencer mounting brackets
  • Aluminium Angle 50x50x150 long mounting brackets (undrilled)
  • Misc mounting screws
  • Cable grommet for the power supply to the case

NOTE: We have included images of an installation to show how it is used, but the kit does not include the heavy duty TPR ducting for use under the floor, the aluminium mounting beams or the floor/bulkhead duct fittings pictured. These can be purchased separately and are generally required in an installation

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