Surejust 5L Hot Water Expansion Tank


The Surejust expansion tank complements any hot water system and provides a safer and smother water system. It comes pre-assembled and pressure set for easy installation. Mount on bulk head and use push fit plastic plumbing to install.

Fit the pre-assembled and easy to install potable water Surejust Expansion tank to your water system.

This will stop your water system being under unnecessary stress, wasting water through the pressure release valve and provide a great deal of safety!

What is an expansion tank and why should I fit one?

An expansion tank is a safety device used in closed water heating systems such as a when a calorifier is used on a boat. It will absorb excess water pressure, which can be caused by thermal expansion as water is heated, or by water hammer

What size should I fit?

The expansion tank should measure 10% of the calorifier capacity. I.e. the 2 litre expansion tank would work with the 10-22litre calorifier, the 5 litre expansion tank with the 30- 55 litre calorifiers and the 8 litre with the 55-75 litre calorifiers.

Where should I fit one?

It should be fitted after the thermostatic mixer valve on the calorifier but before the first outlet. It comes pre assembled with a connection ready to push straight into a plastic plumbing tee piece.

What does it come with?

It comes pressurised to go with a surecal calorifier (this can be altered) a bracket for mounting, a stainless steel strap and a connection ready to go straight into plumbing for an easy installation.

What pressure should it is set to?

Our tanks come pre pressurised to go with the Surejust calorifier. If you need to change this then it should be set to a pressure above your pump pressure but below the pressure release valve cut out pressure. This is very important or the expansion tank wont work properly.

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The Surejust expansion tank complements any hot water system and provides a safer and smother water system by minimisiung dripping from the pressure relief valve when the system heats up. It comes pre-assembled and the pressure is pre set for easy installation.


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