Dieselheat is located in Cygnet, Tasmania and carries a wide range of diesel air heaters, water heaters and cookers for caravans, RVs and boats. We are known for offering quality products at reasonable prices with great pre and after sales service.

Many of our kits include parts manufactured here at our workshop and significantly upgraded components over what you receive from other suppliers.

Our emphasis on quality is backed up by our two year warranty on all products.


In May 2014, The business was founded by Graeme who began selling Belief diesel air heaters for caravans. We started by importing these heaters directly from Belief, a quality manufacturer in China.  To meet demand, we also began carrying a full range of parts to service these heaters.

In September 2015 we became the Australian agent for Wallas marine and RV diesel heaters and cooktops. Wallas products are designed and built with Finnish precision. At their request, we attended technical training with Wallas in Finland in 2018.

In early 2019, Dieselheat relocated to Cygnet, Tasmania with a new owner. Nick continues to run and expand the services and quality products that Dieselheat is known for.

We will continue to provide the same focus on customer service and quality products that we have provided over the last 5 years. Additionally, there will be a new focus on product development and expanding product lines. We anticipate the introduction of some high quality locally engineered products over the next few years.

Our Brands

Dieselheat carries three main brands in our diesel air/water heater and cooker line up; EberspacherBelief and Wallas. We have found these three brands to be of the best quality. All of our heaters and cookers offer a two year warranty, and we sell each with a complete installation kit if needed.


Master tinsmith Jakob Eberspächer founded the company in 1865 in Germany, in 1933 the company produced their first in vehicle heating system and today Eberspacher is one of the largest and best regarded brands in diesel air and water heaters amongst many other products.

Still made in Germany, the Eberspacher air and water heaters stocked by Dieselhet are premium quality, extremely finely made and very reliable. Our best analogy is that they are like a Mercedes. It might cost a little more to buy and own – but you’ll have one of the best.


Harbin Haoke Science and Technology Co., Ltd, makers of Belief branded heaters, was established in April 1998 in the Heilongjiang district of China. It is a professional research, design and development company engaged in the development and manufacture of various types of automobile heaters.

Dieselheat have stocked the Belief range of diesel heaters for over 5 years and we have sold thousands with few issues. So, whilst Belief is a newer brand in the market, we know the quality is good enough to back with our 2 year warranty. Our best analogy for Belief is that if Eberspacher is Mercedes, Belief is Holden or Ford. They work, are reliable and are cheaper to buy and service than Eberspacher. 


Established in 1972, Wallas-Marin Oy is a privately owned company. The company’s product development and manufacturing facilities are located in Kaarina, Finland, and they specialise in diesel fuelled air heaters and cookers for marine, cabin and camper use. Every Wallas product is hand built and hand tested and, in its own way, is a little unique.

Dieselheat are the Australian national distributor for Wallas products. All Wallas products are beautifully finished in high grade stainless steel, aluminium, glass and wood. Like Eberspacher, Wallas are at the premium end of the market.