Wallas 800D Diesel Stove


The 800D features the Wallas Design ceramic surface, making it easy to clean and comfortable to use. The burner works well with all current road diesels and is designed to work with future diesels that may include more renewable components. The new burner generates ultra-low emissions (NOx and HC), very important for environmentally minded customers who appreciate protecting their future boating environment.

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The 800D design’s coaxial exhaust system provides greatly enhanced wind resistance, maximising exhaust protection, while meeting the most stringent safety regulations. Coaxial exhaust assures cool exhaust piping, while the enclosed laminar burn process eliminates cabin humidity impact. Coaxial exhaust also maximises burner/heater power and efficiency.

The 800D cooktop, when fitted with our exclusive 220 heater lid, provides a clean, efficient heat source. When you’re ready to cook, just open the heater lid! After cooking, just close the heater lid to protect the hot surface and deliver controlled, warm, dry heat to your cabin.

The new Wallas 800D makes a great replacement for Wallas model 800 or 800t stoves.

Power:950-1400 W
Operating voltage:12 V
Fuel consumption:0,10-0,15 l/h
Electricity consumption:max 0,4A, min 0,2A, Heat blower lid 220D: max: 0,6A, min: 0,4A

People often ask, “How do diesel cooktops compare with gas, and how long does it take to boil the jug?” Well, it depends on a few factors, but to keep it short the answer is it does take a little longer.

We have done some heating tests on our Wallas cooktops. We used an XC Duo, but the following applies to all Wallas diesel cooktops. Lets look at a few things. Gas is instantaneous heat, Wallas diesel cooktops require time to get started. After doing some tests we found that with 2.0L of water in a jug at 16.5 °C using gas it takes 13 minutes while using a diesel cooktop it takes 18 minutes to boil.

The drawback with diesel cooktops is that it takes 12 minutes for the cooktop to reach maximum temperature (500 °C ) making the total time to “boil the jug” 30 minutes from stove switch on. It does take some planning when using diesel; when you get up in the morning to “boil the jug” and do what nature needs you to do, just turn the cooktop on and when you come back it is up to temperature ready to put the jug on. Of course, if the stove is already on from boiling the jug, cooking brekkie right after will save that startup time.

When you are on holidays, does 10-15 minutes extra make a difference when compared to the enormous advantages of Wallas diesel cooktops over gas (safer, no condensation, cheaper to run, easier to fill, no compliance issues)? You, the customer, need to work that out for yourselves, but here at Dieselheat, we think the benefits usually speak for themselves.

Wallas 800D Diesel Stove Installation Manual

All Wallas products sold by Dieselheat carry 24 MONTHS warranty from date of purchase. Warranty is return to base which means you are responsible for returning any defective products to us for repair.

If you have an issue every attempt will be made to fix it via phone or email. Warranty is on the appliance and does not cover any issues caused by installations performed by the customer or other parties. If we can’t fix any issues with heater operation over the phone or email then the unit and possibly other parts as we suggest to you depending on the issue must be returned to us using at your expense.

On arrival at our premises we will set the unit up on our test bench to ascertain what problem has occurred. Any defects or issues will be fixed free of charge and the unit will be shipped back to you at our expense. If the unit operates without any problems it will be deemed an installation problem and this is not covered by warranty. Any costs involved in returning the unit to the customer is at your expense.

Please do not try to disassemble the product yourself whilst it is still under warranty without consulting with Dieselheat.

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