Wallas Diesel Cookers

Bake your cake and eat it too with a beautiful, quiet, odour free diesel cooker designed and manufactured in Finland.

Built to exacting standards with easy to clean ceramic glass cooktops and all stainless steel construction, Wallas diesel cookers are versatile and easy to use.

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  • The measured sound level of the device is equivalent to a quiet conversation.
  • Laminar combustion assures that your neighbors can also enjoy the silence of nature.


  • Get rid of LPG and forget about carrying heavy gas bottles.
  • Save gas bottle locker space for better uses.
  • The Wallas diesel combustion process eliminates the need for hazardous heavier-than-air gaseous fuels.

No naked flame

  • An open flame in a boat or camper is always a hazard. None of the Wallas cookers/ovens have an open flame.
  • An open flame also creates moisture in your boat or camper. Unlike LPG systems, Wallas devices draw combustion air from the cabin and carry exhaust outside, reducing moisture.

Fuel your cooker with your engine

  • If you have a diesel engine, use your existing tank to fuel your cooker and avoid ancillary tanks.

Wallas Diesel Cookers

The benefits of diesel cooking include:

  • Escaping potentially dangerous and hard to handle LPG
  • Single fuel setups
  • Reduced need for large battery systems (when compared to pure induction cooking)
  • No naked flames
  • Dry heat and no moisture inside from burning gas

Wallas have a range of bench-mounted or free-standing cookers and the world’s only diesel oven. Features include:

  • Fully enclosed combustion with all exhaust going outside
  • Auto-ignition and full control via a control panel
  • Easy-to-clean glass and stainless steel surfaces
  • Optional air heaters on some cooker models
  • Two year warranty

Whether you are in a boat, caravan, RV or tiny house, diesel cookers allow you the freedom to cook, heat and have hot water using a single diesel fuel source. For more information on going all-diesel, see our article here.

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