Belief Diesel Air Heaters

Going All Diesel

Enjoy warmth and comfort with a reliable Belief diesel heater. One of the original and best diesel heaters out of China (not to be confused with the cheap heaters on Ebay), the Belief brand has been sold by Dieselheat for over 6 years, with thousands in service around Australia.

Belief heaters include all the same sensors, safety features, brushless motor designs (in some models) and diagnostics as the European heaters. Belief heaters provide long service internals and are fully serviceable like their European equivalents.

At $500 to $1000 less than the equivalent Eberspacher diesel heater, but with the same warranty and backup, Belief is great value for money.

Backed by a two year warranty and with Dieselheat’s focus on great service, you will enjoy more red wine and cheese sitting around in the warmth, followed by a good night’s sleep knowing if you need help, we have got your back.

We specialise in ready-to-go caravan kits plus we can advise you on custom kits for boats and tiny houses.  

Belief Diesel Heaters

  • Reliable proven brand with over 6 years history in Australia
  • Fast startup
  • Low power consumption – less than 2A when running
  • Low fuel consumption – approx. 40 hours on 10L
  • Quiet operation with fuel pump, inlet and exhaust silencers
  • Compact installation
  • No need for 240V or LPG
  • Two year warranty
  • Fully serviceable with all parts in stock

 Dieselheat kits include what the others don’t:

  • Custom made heavy duty mounting plate
  • Fuel pump silencer kit
  • Extra exhaust and quality fully welded muffler 
  • Inlet silencer


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