Eberspacher Diesel Air Heaters

Enjoy warmth and comfort with an Eberspacher diesel heater. The original and best diesel air heaters out of Germany.

Eberspacher are undoubtedly the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of diesel air heaters. If you want the best, including the most reliable heaters, the best high altitude performance and the most comprehensive install kits, Eberspacher sold by Dieselheat is the way to go.

Backed by a two year warranty and with Dieselheat’s focus on great service, you will enjoy more red wine and cheese sitting around in the warmth, followed by a good night’s sleep knowing that if you need help, we have got your back.

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Eberspacher Diesel Heaters

Eberspacher D2 diesel air heater

With Eberspacher from Dieselheat you are getting a kit that combines the top-notch Eberpacher heater with our best install components – it’s better than a standard Eberspacher kit.
Our Kits include what the others don’t:

  • Custom made heavy duty mounting plate
  • Printed Dieselheat install instructions, Eberspacher technical manual, wiring easy guide
  • Inlet silencer, inline fuel filter, aluminum cover (premium kit only)

Check out the newest air heater from Eberspcher, the D2L AS3 includes a number of improvements over the older D2 model:

New D2L Features

  • Easy Start Pro full digital controller
  • Brushless motor with longer service life and stepless power control
  • Super quiet fuel pump (no ticking)
  • Quieter blower (fan)
  • Longer service life
  • Built in altitude sensor up to 3000m

Diesel heater kits do not include a fuel tank because there is a wide variety of tanks to choose from. If you need help choosing a fuel tank read our post on Choosing the Best Diesel Heater Fuel Tank


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