High Altitude Information for Dieselheat Products

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High Altitude Diesel Appliance Information

The following is a summary of information about Dieselheat cookers, water heaters and air heaters in relation to their performance at higher altitudes.

Water Heaters

Eberspacher D4WSC

Up to 1500 meters (4920’) – unrestricted heating operation is possible.

Above 1500 meters (4920’) – heating operation is in principle possible for short periods, e.g. when crossing a mountain pass or during a brief stop. In cases of extended stays , the fuel supply at the fuel metering pump has to be adapted to high altitude conditions.

The following high altitude kits are available:

P/N: 24 0221 00 00 00 (Contains high altitude fuel pump)


P/N: 20 2900 70 00 07 (Contains high altitude compensator, no extra fuel pump needed)


P/N: 22 1000 33 22 00 (Only works with Hydronic Heaters that have “H-Kit” on the factory label)

Eberspacher D5E

The Eberspeacher D5E Hydronic Furnace offers inbuilt altitude compensation for use above 1500m which can be turned on via and Easy Start Pro controller as per the Eberspacher notes below.

Belief 5kw Water Furnace

Not suitable for high altitude use.

Air Heaters

Eberspacher D2 Air heater

Heating at high altitudes

When using the heater at high altitudes, please note:

Heating at altitudes up to 1500 m, unlimited heating possible

  • Heating at altitudes up to 1500 m, unlimited heating possible
  • Heating at altitudes over 1500 m – 4000 m Heating is possible for short periods at this altitude  (e.g. driving over a mountain pass or taking a break in a journey).

During longer stays, e.g. winter camping, the fuel supply must be adjusted to the altitude. This can be done by installing an air pressure sensor.   The air pressure sensor is included in the Altitude kit Eberspacher High Altitude kit for air & water heaters

  • Genuine Eberspacher high altitude kit
  • Suitable for 12 or 24 volt installations

Eberspacher D2l AS2 and AS3 Air Heaters

The D2L AS2 and AS3 air heaters have automatic altitude compensation up to 3000m, extended operation above 3000m is not supported.

Belief Air Heaters

Belief air heaters sold before approximately May 2022 do not have any altitude compensation function and so should not be used for prolonged periods above 1500m

Belief air heaters sold post May 2022 have inbuilt altitude compensation and will automatically adjust their fuel ration to allow for extended use above 1500m


Wallas Diesel Cooktops

Switch for high altitudes. Switched on when the device is used more than 1300 meters (4200 feet) above sea level. This function increases the amount of combustion air in thin air.


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