SureCal Twin Coil Calorifier – 22L


SureCal copper calorifiers are made in the UK of the finest quality materials. Finned surface copper heating pipes provide unrivaled heat transfer from engine or diesel furnace. Wide range of 12v, 24v, 48v and 240v electric elements available for on grid, off grid and marine use. Electrically certified for use in Australia. Read more about Electric Solar systems.

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Dieselheat recommends these calorifiers  over stainless steel options when using an auxiliary deiseal heater due to their superior copper heat transfer pipes.  Unlike some stainless steel tanks, the finned heat transfer pipes allow sufficient energy transfer from the diesel furnace to the water being heated to ensure that diesel furnace short cycling does not occur.

SureCal calorifiers come completely assembled ready for quick and easy installation. The pressure release valve, barbed engine/diesel heater coil connections and stainless steel fixing brackets all come as standard. A thermostatic mixer valve is fitted as standard for the safety and increases the effective volume of hot water available. A heating element option also needs to be purchased and will be installed prior to shipping.

Versatile Heating

Engine: Connect one of the heating loops to a marine engine for hot water whilst steaming.

Diesel Furnace: Connect one or both the heating coils to a diesel furnace such as the Eberspaecher D5E for hot water and optional hydronic air heating when not steaming. This option is a much quieter and more fuel efficient option than using a generator for hot water.

240V: The optional 240V titanium  element can be used with shore power or generator.

12V/240V: The optional 12V/240V combined element can be used with shore power or a generator plus can also be used with 12V using a diverter, which channels surplus  power (once batteries are charged) from solar panels or or wind generator to the hot water.

Off Grid: The off grid adaptor allows pure 12V, 24V or 48V element to be installed in the tank for specific off grid use,  using a diverter, which channels surplus  solar power (once batteries are charged) to the hot water.

Due to the large range of heating elements available, these are sold separately.

Expansion Tanks

Expansion Tanks are a recommended feature on any hot water system, they need to be installed on the hot water supply after the SureCal hot water tank.  The expansion tank allows the water in the tank to expand when it heats up without dripping out of the pressure relief valve. Tanks installed with no expansion tank will drip from the relief valve as they heat.

Electrical Certification

Surecal tanks have ben certified to comply with AS60335.2.21:2013 and AS60335.1:2020 Certificate number SGS/210259.

Working Pressure

SureCal tanks ship with with a 5 bar (72PSI) pressure relief valve. Systems installed on mains pressure or with water supply pumps that exceed 60PSI need to be fitted with a pressure reducing valve.

This Surecal comes complete with:

  • Thermostatic mixer valve
  • 4 bar pressure release valve
  • Non return valve
  • 15mm barbed connections for coil, ready for 15mm push fit plastic plumbing
  • Supplied with stainless steel saddles

Heating Element Sold Separately

Capacity: 22L

Orientation: Horizontal

Coils: Twin

Length: 550mm

Width: 340mm

Height: 350mm

Weight: 11.5kg

SureCal Connection Instructions

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