Wallas Spartan Marine Specific 4.5kW Diesel Air Heater


The Wallas Spartan is the ultimate in 4.5kW marine specific diesel heaters for larger boats. Hand made in Finland featuring advance bluetooth control and temperature monitoring and cool to touch coaxial exhaust the Spartan is the only diesel heater designed from the ground up for  marine use.

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The 4.5kW Wallas Spartan diesel air heater will keep a larger boat warm and dry, day in and day out. Features include:


  • in built heater control via wireless app (android and iphone)
  • advance wireless bluetooth ‘button’ temperature sensors can be moved anywhere to measure cabin air temperature with no wires
  • advanced PID ‘intelligent’ cabin air temperature algorithm helps maintain set temperature
  • elegant wired control with long cable to facilitate easy installation
  • WIFI software update available to add new feature’s in the future


  • triple inlet and outlet to facilitate multi area heating and combined internal and external air sources (to facilitate condensation removal)
  • super high air volume fans for heating larger boats, using longer ducting
  • wide range of inlet and outlet hot and cold air fittings to facilitate installation in all types of boats


  • coaxial intake air and exhaust keeps exhaust pipe temperature low, lagging not needed
  • top exiting exhaust facilitates easy installation
  • optional deck, hull or stern coaxial exhaust fittings
  • laminar combustion requires no muffler and assures that neighboring boats can also enjoy the peace and quiet


  • low voltage starts at  10 at volts
  • floor or wall installation options included
  • latest greenboost burner for ultra low emissions
  • 2 + 1 year warranty backed by dedicated Dieselheat service and support.

All kits for Wallas air heaters are custom built with exhaust system, ducting and vents specifically designed for each installation. Talk to the Dieselheat team for advice and support in tailoring a heating kit for your boat.

Spartan Installation Manual

Wallas Spartan Dimensions

Bluetooth Sensor Set Up Guide


Dieselheat offers a 3 year warranty on this product. Upon receipt of proof of purchase of a product, Dieselheat will, where possible, provide product support via telephone or email. If Dieselheat determines that the issue necessitates the return of the product for inspection and/or repair, it is your responsibility to uninstall the product and return the product at your cost to Dieselheat. Upon repair of the product, Dieselheat will return the product to you at its cost. It is your responsibility to reinstall the product. See our full warranty terms here.

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