Eberspacher D2L AS3 Diesel Air Heater OFF GRID Installation Kit (12V )


Enjoy warmth, comfort and the quietest heater on the market with the Eberspacher D2L AS3 OFF GRID diesel air heater kit. The best diesel air heater out of Germany.

Get the most comprehensive installation kit and 3 year warranty from Dieselheat.


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Eberspacher are undoubtedly the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of diesel air heaters. If you want the best, including no more ticking fuel pump, the quietest most reliable heater, the best high altitude performance, the most comprehensive install kit – the new D2L AS3 Eberspacher sold by Dieselheat is the way to go.

This off grid kit is set up external installation of the heater on an outside wall, with ducting running through the walls. For internal installation going through the floor please check our caravan kits.

For people living and working at home in off grid setups the heaters do lots of hours so we recommend Eberspacher heaters because they are the most reliable and have the longest service intervals.

New D2L AS3 Features

  • Easy start pro full digital controller
  • Brushless motor with longer service life and stepless power control
  • Super quiet fuel pump (no ticking)
  • Quieter blower (fan)
  • Stepless heat output levels and improved temperature regulation
  • Built in altitude sensor up to 3000m

Dieselheat OFF GRID Kits Have More

With Eberspacher OFF GRID kit from Dieselheat you are getting a kit that combines the top notch new Eberspacher model D2L AS3 heater with our best install components aimed at an off grid setup – it’s better than a standard Eberspacher kit. Our Kits Include what the others don’t:

  • Combustion inlet silencer
  • Inline fuel filter, joiners and clamps
  • 1m extra ducting (2m total)
  • Stainless Steel L shaped mounting bracket for external mounting
  • Printed installation instructions (not just a DVD)

Plus standard kit components

  • Espar / Eberspacher airtronic D2L diesel air heater
  • Easy start pro controller
  • All duct, vents, screws etc. for full install
  • See the kit contents tab for a full list of kit components

The Eberspacher D2L Airtronic diesel fueled heater offers optimised fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards. Certified for installation in passenger areas and in proximity to dangerous substances.

The D2L AS3 is the updated version of the D2 – featuring better high altitude performance, much quieter fuel pump, long lasting brushless motor, and stepless heating from 850W to 2,200W.

Please note that this kit does not include a fuel tank. We have a large range of fuel tanks available, check the fuel tank section of our website.

We specialise in ready to go caravan kits, plus we can advise you on and prepare custom kits for boats and tiny houses.

Standard Kit

  • Espar / Eberspacher airtronic D2L diesel air heater
  • Easy start pro digital controller
  • Heavy duty mounting plate
  • Fuel pump (12v)
  • Fuel hose
  • Fuel T piece kit
  • Exhaust Silencer / Muffler
  • Electrical harnesses
  • Electrical harnesses 8m control cable, 6m fuel pump cable.
  • Stainless steel exhaust pipe
  • Combustion intake pipe
  • 2m Flexible ducting (60 mm. diameter)
  • Inlet / Outlet grills (on heater)
  • Air outlet grill (60 mm. diameter)
  • Screws, clips and plastic straps required for installation

Extra Parts added by Dieselheat to make a complete install kit

  • Combustion inlet silencer
  • Inline fuel filter, joiners and clamps
  • 1m extra ducting (2m total)
  • Printed installation instructions (not just a DVD)

Dieselheat Eberspacher D2L/D4L Installation Instructions

Eberspacher D2L AS3 Technical Manual

EasyStart Pro Operating Instructions

Eberspacher D2L Dimensions

Unlocking guide for Eberspacher Heaters using the Easy Start Pro Controller


Dieselheat offers a 3 year warranty on this product. Upon receipt of proof of purchase of a product, Dieselheat will, where possible, provide product support via telephone or email. If Dieselheat determines that the issue necessitates the return of the product for inspection and/or repair, it is your responsibility to uninstall the product and return the product at your cost to Dieselheat. Upon repair of the product, Dieselheat will return the product to you at its cost. It is your responsibility to reinstall the product. See our full warranty terms here.

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