At Dieselheat we will service Eberspacher, Belief and Wallas air, water heating and cooking appliances. We keep parts in stock for everything we sell and service. We also sell spare parts via our website.

We do not service cheap Chinese air heaters like those sold on Ebay because we cannot guarantee that the original components are at a reasonable minimum quality, and in most cases servicing is not cost effective. Some of our spare parts may fit your Chinese diesel air heater, but the fix cannot be guaranteed – as you may fix one thing and another gives up.

If you have one of these cheaper Ebay models and like to tinker, check our spares and have a go – it may work. If that fails and you get sick of it breaking down, we recommend that you purchase a Belief air heater from us. We will adjust our heater kit so you can re-use as many of your cheap Ebay parts as possible,  minimising your upgrade cost. We have dealt with Belief for years and are confident enough in the product to offer a two year warranty.

Our service methodology includes pre-testing, cleaning and replacing parts. Finally, we then complete post repair testing, including measuring CO and CO2 emissions to ensure burners are operating correctly. We have a full workshop with all tools, machines and equipment for servicing diesel heaters and repairing our products.

With most diesel appliances we don’t suggest preventive maintenance. Use your product until it stops working, pull it out and send it to us for service. We’ll get it back to you in short order – our target turnaround time is two days.

We charge for time spent on servicing and fault finding, so costs can vary depending on the complexity of the issue. In most cases, and especially if there is anything exceptional, we will explain the expected costs before we commence a service.

Self Service

It is possible on some of our simpler products to do your own service. We can even sell you a service kit with commonly replaced parts. We are unable to provide extensive phone support for self servicing. However, if it gets too difficult you can send us the box of bits and in many cases we will get it back together for you. Youtube is a great resource on how to do these tasks as well, so have a look there as well. Feel free to contact us and explain your needs.